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What is Family Mediation and how can it help divorcing couples?

Posted on January 16th 2023

Our ethos at Oliver and Co Solicitors is to try to ensure that every family matter is dealt with in an amicable and non-confrontational way, if possible. Everyone should explore and understand the benefits of mediation as an alternative to litigation before they embark upon the legal process.

What is Mediation?

A Mediator is independent. A Mediator does not give advice (as a Solicitor would) or tell either person what they should do (as a Judge might). The Mediator aims to help a couple work together, empowering them to make their own decisions regarding divorce or separation, finances arising from the divorce, child arrangements or any other issue that they wish to discuss. On occasions children over the age of ten can also become involved in mediation to express their own wishes and feelings so that parents can clearly understand the child’s perspective.

Mediation is voluntary, confidential (subject to some exceptions) and takes place in an environment which feels safe to explore pressing issues and options in general, to ensure that any resolution is tailor-made.

If a resolution is achieved in mediation, it will not be legally binding, but it is a way to clarify the arrangements and is hopefully something that both are happy with and will implement between themselves. A Family Law Solicitor can then draw up a Consent Order for the court to consider, incorporating all terms reached in mediation. This is a much more cost-effective approach than court proceedings.

Want to know more?

Between the 16th and 20th of January 2023, the Family Mediation Council are hosting helpful seminars for professionals, lawyers, and the general public during Family Mediation Week, such as “Family Mediation – A tailormade process for separating families” and “Communication after the split- getting solutions with non-court resolutions”. Family Mediation Week provides an opportunity to raise awareness of family mediation and its benefits for separating families. The aim is to inform people about the benefits of mediation and encourage separating couples to think about mediation as a way of helping them take control, make decisions together and build a positive future for their family.

We would encourage anyone who is experiencing issues within a relationship, in respect of financial matters, or in respect of their children to explore what help is available to them.

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