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Cosmetic Surgery

The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is a deeply personal one and it is rarely an easy decision to make.

The majority of cosmetic surgery is carried out outside of the NHS and whilst most patients are happy with the results of their chosen surgery, unfortunately, increasing numbers of people are being left devastated after operations go wrong.

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Cosmetic surgery claims

If cosmetic surgery goes wrong, patients are left not only with a large bill to pay, but may also be left in tremendous pain and require corrective surgery.

Operations can go wrong in all areas of cosmetic surgery, including breast augmentation and reduction, nose surgery (rhinoplasty), eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) and liposuction.

If you have suffered any injury during or after undergoing cosmetic surgery, then you may have a claim for medical negligence compensation and our specialist team of solicitors will be able to assist you with a claim.

Do you have a potential medical negligence claim?

Please contact us for advice if you feel you have suffered any form of negligent medical or dental treatment. We have a specialist team of medical negligence solicitors who are always happy to help.

If you would like advice on whether you have a potential clinical negligence claim or assistance with drafting a letter of complaint, please contact us on the number below.

Please note that there are legal time limits in place for starting a claim for compensation, and our specialist clinical negligence solicitors will be able to advise you specifically on the facts of your own case.


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