Slipping & Tripping Accidents

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Slipping and tripping accidents

Tripped or slipped in a public place? Don’t worry, we can help.

Slipping and tripping accidents are very common. In most cases, if you have tripped on a path, pavement or public road, a claim can be brought against the local Highway Authority. When the weather turns colder and it becomes icy, paths, roads and car parks can become slippy and dangerous. If you have slipped and injured yourself on ice you may be able to claim compensation.

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Do I have a claim?

When you trip on the public highway, the hazard in question (i.e. a hole in the ground or raised paving stone) must be over 1 inch in depth or height for it to be considered hazardous enough for a claim to succeed.

However, the law provides Highway Authorities with a defence to these claims if they can show that they have taken all reasonable steps to maintain their highways. For example, by carrying out regular inspections and repairs.

A trip or slip may also take place in a shop, car park, or in any other public or private property. This is known as an ‘accident in premises.’ In these cases, the owner/occupier is responsible for your safety whilst you are on their premises. The owner/occupier must show that they have taken reasonable steps to make sure that you are safe whilst on their property.

For example, if you have slipped on a wet floor, was a warning sign displayed? Our experienced, dedicated team of personal injury lawyers have acted successfully for clients who have had all manner of slips and trips. Some examples include:

  • tripping on a raised or wobbly paving slab on a pavement;
  • tripping on a crumbling step in a railway station car park;
  • slipping on a wet floor in a shop;
  • slipping on debris left on the floor;
  • tripping over a wire lying across the aisle of a shop floor;
  • slipping on ice in a public or private place.

If you have had a tripping or slipping accident and would like to make a personal injury claim or you would like further advice, please contact one of our specialist lawyers. To read what evidence you might need for your claim please click here.

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What could my claim be worth?

You can also quickly find out how much you could be owed for your slip/trip by using our claims calculator below:

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How much is your claim worth?

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