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Orthopaedic Negligence

As well as Missed Fracture Claims, other orthopaedic injury claims may arise when orthopaedic surgery is not performed correctly.

For example, hip or knee replacement operations where the implant has been fitted incorrectly, leading to the patient requiring yet more surgery to resolve the problem.

Orthopaedic surgery can take place on any bone or ligament in the body and so a wide range of claims can arise.

You may have required further surgery or you may even be left with permanent damage, which could have been avoided had the orthopaedic error not occurred and had your injury been treated correctly from the outset. It is also likely that it will take you longer to recover, meaning that you suffered from more pain than necessary.

If you have suffered any injury as a result of an orthopaedic error, then you may have a claim for clinical negligence and our specialist team of Solicitors will be able to assist you with a claim.

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Orthopaedic Error Case Studies

Our client suffered from bilateral bunions and so was offered a bunionectomy. This is an operation whereby the bunion is removed and the deformed toes are realigned. The orthopaedic surgeon did not advise our client that this was only a short-term solution and that she would be likely to require further surgery.

  • Our client underwent a bunionectomy to her left foot under general anaesthetic at the hospital and struggled for six weeks to mobilise or carry out basic household tasks. The bunionectomy wound then became infected resulting in antibiotics being prescribed on numerous occasions. This was painful for several months.  After suffering for months, our client visited a podiatrist who advised our client that she needed to undergo further surgery by way of an osteotomy, which is a permanent solution to bunions. Our client opted for this procedure and was pleased with the results.  As a result of the orthopaedic surgeon failing to advise our client that the bunionectomy was only a short term solution, our client underwent an unnecessary operation under general anaesthetic and required further surgery.  Our client was successful in her clinical negligence claim and recovered the sum of £9,000 by way of compensation.

Do you have a potential medical negligence claim?

Please contact us for advice if you feel you have suffered any form of negligent medical/dental treatment. We have a specialist team of solicitors who are always happy to help.

If you would like advice on whether you have a potential clinical negligence claim or assistance with drafting a letter of complaint, please contact us on the number below. Please note that there are legal time limits in place for starting a claim for compensation, and our specialist clinical negligence solicitors will be able to advise you specifically on the facts of your own case.

For free advice from our Medical Negligence solicitors, please call us direct on 01244 354688

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