Multiple Myeloma Compensation Claims

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What is multiple myeloma?

Multiple myeloma is a type of bone marrow cancer which can often affect multiple areas of the body, such as the spine, pelvis, ribs and skull, and it is most prevalent in older patients. Multiple myeloma can cause damage to bones, kidneys, blood and immune systems.

How is multiple myeloma diagnosed?

A diagnosis for multiple myeloma can be made by carrying out imaging tests (X-ray, CT, PET or MRI scan), blood tests, urine tests or bone marrow tests. 

The importance of an early diagnosis

Although in some cases multiple myeloma can be managed over time using anti-myeloma medication, it is clearly vital that the disease is diagnosed as early as possible so that treatment can be commenced at the earliest opportunity to prevent a poorer outcome. Common treatment options include chemotherapy, steroid therapy, drug treatment, bone marrow transplants or radiation therapy. Additionally, patients receiving intensive treatment may receive a stem cell transplant. 

Case Study: £50,000 achieved in compensation

We successfully recovered £50,000 for our client who experienced a delay in diagnosing multiple myeloma. Read the full case study here to see the full details of this claim, which has been summarised briefly below.

Our client experienced a delay in that his diagnosis was not made despite a scan having been undertaken which showed an abnormality. This abnormality was missed and should have prompted further investigations. After a long period of going back and forth to the hospital, our client’s diagnosis of multiple myeloma was made 4 months after his initial scan. This clearly had negative repercussions for our client in terms of worsened symptoms, having to undergo surgery, being unable to work and ending up with an overall poorer outcome.

Although the Defendant hospital denied that their actions had caused our client a different outcome, we were confident in our client’s claim and continued despite their denials to achieve compensation for him.

After significant negotiation, we were delighted to achieve a figure of £50,000 in full and final settlement of our client’s claim.

How can we help you?

Our team specialise in dealing with claims arising from negligent medical treatment or delayed diagnosis including multiple myeloma.

We understand the importance of diagnosing this disease promptly and commencing treatment as soon as possible to diminish any future risk of a worse outcome. 

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Our Clinical Negligence Department compromises specialist clinical negligence solicitors, as well as our Head of Department Linda Schermer-Jones, who is dual qualified as both a doctor and a solicitor. This specialist knowledge provides us with a unique insight into both the medical and legal aspects of your potential claim.

Do you have a potential clinical negligence claim?

Please contact us if you feel that you have suffered any form of negligent medical treatment or negligent dental treatment. Our specialist team of solicitors are always happy to help.

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