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Vibration White Finger

Vibration white finger (VWF) is sometimes also referred to as hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS).

As the names suggest, it affects the hands. If you are diagnosed with VWF or HAVS and you believe your work may have caused it, you may be able to make a claim for compensation. 

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Making a claim for vibration white finger

Our expert Industrial Disease team have specialist experience of helping people with vibration white finger to claim compensation.  

Many people who suffer with vibration white finger have worked in the construction industry for years and due to their condition are no longer able to use the tools required for these jobs. Claiming compensation for vibration white finger can help you to retrain for a job that does not require vibration tools. This can prevent further damage to your hands and ensure that you can continue to earn a similar salary.  


Vibration white finger is caused by the overuse of hand-held vibratory tools or machinery such as jackhammers, pneumatic drills, sanders and drills. Employers have a duty of care to ensure that employees are kept safe at work. Vibratory tools are vital in some occupations but the use of them should be monitored and limited to prevent workers developing conditions like vibration white finger. The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) provides detailed guidance on this.  


Vibration white finger is a condition that affects the blood vessels, nerves, joints and muscles of the hand, wrist and arm. Symptoms can be different for each person but include: 

Symptoms are often more pronounced in cold temperatures, and, in severe cases, can be debilitating, having a massive impact on day-to-day tasks such as doing up buttons on a shirt or tying shoelaces.  


There are some medicines that can be prescribed by a doctor that can help improve circulation and reduce the symptoms of vibration white finger. Depending on the severity of symptoms, this may need to be taken every day or only during flare-ups or cold weather episodes. In some cases, where the damage is significant, unfortunately, the symptoms can be permanent.  

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