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Bike Accident Claim Specialists

At Oliver & Co we specialise in helping cyclists who have been injured in accidents to get the compensation they deserve quickly.

Have you been knocked off your bike?

We know that being involved in a bicycle accident can be very upsetting, and cause life-changing injuries. If you’ve been injured in a cycling accident due to somebody else’s negligence, then our specialists can help you claim compensation. You can get free, helpful advice today by calling one of our Solicitors on 01244 312306. There is absolutely no obligation to make a claim.

What sets Oliver & Co apart?

We offer professional, speedy and practical assistance to help you to return to cycling as soon as possible. Our role is to ensure that you are compensated for your injuries, losses and the inconvenience you have suffered.

We can recover compensation to cover the cost of repairing your bike. We know that bikes are often bespoke, having been modified to meet the unique specifications of their rider. If your bike is damaged, we can arrange for expert engineers to prepare detailed reports, enabling the bike to be repaired at a repairer of your choice.

We offer free initial advice, where insurers will not. Unfortunately, because the vast majority of cyclists are not insured, initially they do not have access to legal advice from insurers. We can provide free, early advice about how successful your case is likely to be. If we believe it will be successful, we can also tell you how much you may receive in damages.

We work on a No Win, No Fee basis. This means that if your case is unsuccessful you do not pay us anything. If your case is successful, the majority of our costs are recovered from the negligent party that you make the claim against and we cap the level of costs we deduct from your damages at 25%. There are no hidden charges. We ensure that all cyclists are protected against the defendant’s costs in the very unlikely event that we have to issue court proceedings.

Can I claim compensation if I am knocked off my bike by a motorist?

If you were riding your bike and have been knocked off by a motorist you may have suffered serious injuries. This is because cyclists are some of the most exposed and least protected road users. Regardless of whether the motorist was in a car, bus, lorry, or other vehicle, you could be eligible to make a claim for compensation. You can claim, not only for the pain you’ve suffered, but also for your out of pocket expenses, and any future losses.

Case study – we recovered £45,000 in compensation for Mr W:

Mr W was badly injured whilst cycling when he was hit by a driver who pulled out of a junction at speed without looking. Sadly, Mr W suffered multiple injuries, including a fractured left hip, a head injury, and a laceration which required staples. The hip injury unfortunately increased his chance of needing a total left hip replacement 10-15 years after the accident.

We managed to secure an interim payment for Mr W during his case. Unfortunately, Mr W could not cycle as much as he had previously due to his injuries so we also made sure that our client received compensation for the travel costs he incurred when he was unable to ride his bike, and we claimed for the cost of him buying an automatic car.

We were very happy to recover £45,000 in compensation for Mr W.

What type of bike accident can I claim compensation for?

You can claim compensation in many circumstances, not just if you were injured when you were knocked off your bike by a motorist. You may be able to claim if you were injured and your accident was caused by:

  • The negligence of another road user.
  • The poor condition of the road or cycle lane that you were travelling on. For example, if a large pothole caused you to come off your bike; or
  • A defect with your bike or crash helmet, which was caused by somebody else such as the manufacturer.

Mr L’s Story – £12,934 in Compensation:

We won £12,934 for Mr L after he was injured when the lower supporting bracket of his bicycle suddenly cracked. He had purchased a Black Ridge Genesis bicycle which he used to exercise at the weekends and to commute to and from work.

When the lower supporting bracket cracked, he fell from the bike and injured his abdomen and kidneys. We argued that the manufacturer had supplied Mr L with a defective bicycle, and subsequently won the case. Mr L was delighted with his compensation.

Bike Accident Injuries:

Bicycle accidents can understandably cause a wide-range of injuries. The injuries suffered can vary in severity, from minor cuts and scrapes to serious broken bones, head injuries, and brain injuries. Compensation can make a huge difference to people suffering from these injuries. It can take away stress and offer access to enhanced care and rehabilitation. Our experience suggests that the most common injuries are:

Head injuries:

Head injuries can range from minor to very severe, depending on your accident, whether you were wearing a helmet and how well this protected you. It is not a legal requirement to wear a cycling helmet but it is highly recommended and suggested in the Highway Code. If you have suffered a head injury and were not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident then it is possible that the value of your claim may be reduced. However, you will still be able to claim compensation.

Broken collar bone:

When riders are thrown from their bikes they often land and break their collar bones, referred to as a fractured clavicle. These injuries can be excruciatingly painful and may require surgical intervention. Unfortunately, recovery from this injury can often take a long time. However, early medical intervention and rehabilitation often aids recovery and we can help clients to access this during their case on a private-basis.

Broken wrist or arm:

When people fall off their bikes, they often put their arms out in an attempt to break their fall. This can result in a broken wrist or arm. Wrists are complex and are made up of several bones. It is common for fractured wrists to be misdiagnosed due to swelling. We would always advise that you visit your GP regularly if your pain does not lessen.

Dental, facial or jaw injuries:

Cyclists can injure their faces in accidents, and understandably, this can be very distressing. If you have been involved in a cycling accident it is very important that you photograph your injuries as soon as possible. You should then take follow-up images on a regular basis to show scarring. We will normally arrange for you to have professional photographs taken if your scarring is serious.

Psychological injury:

Being knocked off your bike can be very frightening. Sadly, many cyclists are too scared to ever return to cycling. In addition, they may suffer from nightmares, flashbacks, or even develop post-traumatic stress disorder, a phobia, or depression. We can arrange for you to have the counselling required to move past this and get back on your bike as soon as possible.

Can I still claim compensation if the offending motorist drives off?

The victims of negligent drivers are often left at the roadside as the offending motorist drives away. If you have been injured in a hit-and-run accident you can claim compensation via the Motor Insurer’s Bureau by making an ‘untraced driver’ claim with us. For more information on untraced driver claims please see the comprehensive information on this page.

What should I do if I am injured due to a pothole?

Unfortunately, the state of UK streets is often appalling. Potholes often affect cyclists and motorcyclists worse than other road users. If you have been injured after cycling into a pothole you may be able to pursue a claim against the council.

We are specialists in pursuing claims for cyclists following pothole accidents. To support your claim we will investigate. We will seek to prove that the council or highway authority has not inspected the area frequently enough given the volume of traffic, or that inspectors have failed to pick up on defects during their inspection. We are dedicated to fighting for the compensation that you deserve. For more details on what to do if you have been involved in a pothole accident, please see our handy guide. The sooner you gather the required evidence, the more likely it is that your claim will be successful.

How long do I have to make a claim?

You have 3 years from the date of your cycle accident to pursue a personal injury claim. However, if you were under 18 at the time of the accident, then you have until your 21st birthday to pursue a claim.

Why choose us?

There is no better recommendation than client recommendations.  We have been in practice for over 50 years and have been recommended by our clients in Chester time after time.  You can read our reviews on Trustpilot and see for yourself.  We are proud of the specialist cycling claim service we provide to our clients. Our aim is to obtain the maximum amount of compensation for you within the shortest period of time. We do this with the minimum of inconvenience to you.

How much could my claim be worth?

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