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Bridging Finance & Funding

We have many years of experience helping borrowers to obtain, and lenders to provide, tens of millions of pounds of finance.

Property professionals are increasingly turning to providers of bridging finance and short term loans as an alternative to conventional bank finance.

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Legal support to secure funds

Private funds offer a solution and means to obtaining finance on a secured, short-term basis. This enables individuals and companies 
to carry out portfolio acquisitions, property refurbishment and developments.

Our team of solicitors have many years of experience in working alongside finance companies and borrowers to ensure that funds become available in a timely manner. This enables borrowers to meet deadlines and ensures that all loan monies are sufficiently secured.

What legal help do we offer in this area?

We act on behalf of both borrowers and lenders. When acting for lenders, in addition to carrying out the necessary due diligence, we can produce all required documentation. This includes loan agreements, legal charges, debenture, and guarantees.

On behalf of borrowers, we work to satisfy the conditions and requirements from the lenders, and review and advise on 
the documentation.


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