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There are a number of legal issues which require consideration when promoting and developing your business using electronic means.

As the use of internet technology has grown, so has the regulatory framework which governs those who do business by electronic means. It is absolutely crucial to understand these rules and regulations and the manner in which they might affect the way you do business.

Whether you use your website simply to communicate, exchange or view information online, or if you actually trade online, then the Corporate & Commercial team at Oliver & Co  Solicitors can meet all your requirements and ensure that you are compliant with the law.

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Here at Oliver & Co, we help any business which is carrying out, or proposes to carry out, business by way of remote selling by telephone and e-mail as well as online, any business which has, or is proposing to develop, a website to market or advertise its goods/services online, and anyone who requires assistance with any legal issues which relate to the internet, including any website or domain name issues.

E-commerce is heavily regulated and the chances are that if your business has an internet presence, these regulations will apply to you. If you sell online, you need to ensure that your contracts do not fall foul of the various regulations which govern the formation of contracts and the information you must make available to consumers.

Breach these regulations and you might not only incur financial penalties, but also damage your business.

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At Oliver & Co we have extensive experience in dealing with the full spectrum of e-commerce and website related legal matters, including:


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