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GP Negligence & Errors

Has your GP misdiagnosed your illness or injury, or failed to refer you to a hospital quick enough? 

You may be able to claim compensation. We help lots of clients every year claim the compensation they deserve. 

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How can a GP be negligent?

For the majority of people, the first port of call when we fall ill is our General Practitioner. We rely on our GP to diagnose our illnesses and treat us appropriately. We also rely on them to refer us to a specialist doctor or hospital when required.

If a GP fails to do these things, this may mean that you have been in pain for much longer than necessary. Sadly, it may even mean that your illness can no longer be treated.

GPs can also prescribe the wrong medication or the wrong dosage. If you suffer an adverse reaction to the prescribed medication, then your GP may fail to spot the link and therefore fail to prevent you from taking the medication anymore.

GP negligence or errors can have catastrophic consequences and can even cause a patient’s death.

If you have suffered any injury as a result of an error by your GP, then you may have a claim for doctor negligence and our specialist team of solicitors will be able to assist you with a claim.

 It is important to contact us as soon as possible, as there is a limited period of time in which you can claim compensation.

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Do you have a potential GP negligence claim?

Please contact us for advice if you feel you have suffered any form of negligent medical or dental treatment. We have a specialist team of medical negligence solicitors who are always happy to help.

If you would like advice on whether you have a potential clinical negligence claim or assistance with drafting a Letter of Complaint, please contact us. Please note that there are legal time limits in place for starting a claim for compensation, and our specialist clinical negligence solicitors will be able to advise you specifically on the facts of your own case.


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