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Divorce & Separation Solicitors in Chester

Whether you are cohabiting, married or in a civil partnership, we are here to help whether the relationship has ended, or if you just need legal advice.

Our family team are experts with over 30 years of experience. They have helped thousands of clients, and are able to give the best advice for your unique situation.

Cost-effective advice:

Our experts can provide free initial advice over the phone in a 10-minute conversation. You can book an appointment today by calling 01244 312306. Alternatively, you may wish to take advantage of our ‘Ask the Legal Expert’ offer.

How much does a divorce cost?

If you plan to petition for a divorce, we can help you with this process. We offer a fixed fee divorce for £750 plus VAT. Regardless of whether you choose to use a solicitor or not, if you are petitioning for a divorce, you will have to pay a £550 court fee. However, some people will not have to pay the court fee if they meet certain criteria.

If you are being divorced by your spouse, less work is involved than if you are petitioning for divorce. As a result, we do not offer a fixed fee for this work.

Costs Orders can be made within divorce proceedings and this is something that we can advise you on, whether you are divorcing your spouse, or being divorced.

Do I need a divorce solicitor?

Some people opt to have a ‘D.I.Y’ divorce. However, we would always recommend seeking legal advice. This is especially true:

In most instances it is advisable to seek some sort of legal advice – even if this is just in the early stages of the divorce. For this you could take advantage of our ‘Ask the Legal Expert’ service – a 45 minute appointment for just £150.

You may wish to progress matters via mediation. In this instance, we will happily make an appropriate referral.

Contact us today to get help with divorce or separation:

If any of these matters affect you, please contact the family department by calling 01244 312306 or by emailing the team at family@oliverandco.co.uk. If you have some questions regarding family law why not drop into our Family clinic on a Monday between 10am and 4pm for a free 15-minute chat. No appointment necessary.

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