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Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a common condition, and most people expect that they will lose a certain level of hearing as they get older.

However, people who are exposed to excessive levels of noise in their work without sufficient hearing protection are at risk of developing noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus.  

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Making a claim for noise-induced hearing loss

We have pursued successful compensation claims for people who have worked in noisy factories, printing shops and machine workshops.

Prolonged exposure to noise without the requisite hearing protection can form the basis of a negligence claim. Since 1963 employers have been aware that exposure to excessive noise can cause hearing loss and tinnitus, and with the introduction of the Noise at Work Regulations in 1989, the obligations of employers to monitor noise levels became even greater.  

With all of our claims being run on a no win, no fee basis, clients can feel confident in pursuing their claims with our specialist advice. Compensation payment can provide recompense for the injury suffered but also provide the funds to purchase any required hearing aids.  

Military noise-induced hearing loss

As well as general noise-induced hearing loss claims, we also have experience in dealing with military claims.  

When signing up with the Armed Forces, there are obvious risks but the potential for harm to personnel should be minimised as much as possible. Across all the Armed Forces, there are roles which involve being exposed to noise and, at times, this can be unavoidable, however, suffering with hearing loss and/or tinnitus as a result of serving in the military is not inevitable. The Ministry of Defence has a duty of care, like any other employer, to ensure everything is done to protect those at risk, such as providing suitable hearing protection. 

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There are multiple sources of excessive noise in the military: 

As part of a claim for compensation, we consider the volume of noise you were exposed to, along with the frequency, intensity and the length of time of the exposure. We also consider what hearing protection you have been provided with, if any, and its suitability for the task in hand. 


It may seem obvious that a symptom of noise-induced hearing loss is loss of hearing, but it isn’t always so simple. Some people might be unable to hear certain pitches, particularly high-pitched sounds. Others may experience muffled or distorted speech.  

Many people with noise-induced hearing loss also experience tinnitus, again, the symptoms will vary from person to person, but it is typically identified as a ringing or buzzing noise which could be constant or intermittent. 


Unfortunately, once hearing has been damaged it cannot be repaired. However, hearing aids can help by increasing the volume of sounds into 
the ear.  

There are no medications available to treat hearing loss or tinnitus but there are sound therapies and behavioural therapies that can help reduce the impact of tinnitus and help a person cope with the symptoms.  

Our expert Industrial Disease team are here to advise you and will take you through every step of the claims process. All our claims are dealt with on a no win, no fee basis. Contact us today to see how we can help you get the compensation you deserve. 


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