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Joint Ventures

A joint venture arrangement is one which combines the skills, resources and efforts of a group of people or entities for the purpose of achieving a common commercial objective.

A joint venture may take several legal forms; Limited Company, Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership, or might be concluded simply by way of a co-operation or joint-venture agreement.

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Here at Oliver & Co, we can help any party proposing to form or take part in a joint venture arrangement, as well as participators in existing joint venture arrangements of all forms.

The advantage of a joint venture is that it is a flexible arrangement which allows the participators to co-operate without binding their entire undertakings with a full scale merger. It also allows the participators to share resources, pool skills and spread risks with a view to mutual commercial benefit.

Many factors will need to be taken into account when considering the best vehicle for the joint venture. A new Limited Company may be formed to pursue the venture, which will limit the potential liability of the participators by ring fencing any existing business or personal assets. Alternatively, a partnership or co-operation agreement may be preferred due to the flexibility this brings and the lower administrative burden.

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