Joint Ventures

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Joint Ventures

A joint venture arrangement is one which combines the skills, resources and efforts of a group of people or entities for the purpose of achieving a common commercial objective.

A joint venture may take several legal forms – Limited Company, Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership or might be concluded simply by way of a co-operation or joint-venture agreement.

Who we help

  • Any party proposing to form or take part in a joint venture arrangement;
  • Participators in existing joint venture arrangements of all forms.

The advantage of a joint venture is that it is a flexible arrangement which allows the participators to co-operate without binding their entire undertakings with a full scale merger. It also allows the participators to share resources, pool skills and spread risks with a view to mutual commercial benefit.

Many factors will need to be taken into account when considering the best vehicle for the joint venture. A new Limited Company may be formed to pursue the venture, which will limit the potential liability of the participators by ring fencing any existing business or personal assets. Alternatively, a Partnership or co-operation agreement may be preferred due to the flexibility this brings and the lower administrative burden this creates.

We provide

  • A comprehensive range of services from the formation of joint venture companies and the negotiation and drafting of joint venture agreements to exit strategies and termination of joint ventures;
  • Specialist lawyers with hands on practical experience of all issues which might arise in a joint venture arrangement;
  • Business support beyond core legal services;
  • Pragmatic and cost effective solutions and advice which is tailored and delivered according to your needs;
  • A quote for fixed fees at the outset for undertaking certain types of work on your behalf.

While the following list is not exhaustive, we can assist in connection with all or any of:

  • Corporate joint ventures;
  • Shareholders’ agreements and terms of investment;
  • Partnership agreements
  • Shareholder rights and deadlock resolution;
  • Dispute resolution;
  • Funding options;
  • Exit strategies;
  • Confidentiality agreements;
  • Secondment agreements.

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