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Have you suffered an accident at work?

We achieve compensation for many people who have had accidents at work every year.

At work, your employer is legally required to provide you with protection against risks of accident and personal injury. If they do not do this, and you sustain an injury, you may be eligible for compensation.

We helped a client claim £28,000 in compensation. How much could you claim?

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How much is your claim worth?

There are many Health and Safety Laws and Regulations in place to help reduce the risk of accident or injury in the workplace. These Laws and Regulations cover a number of different and important areas. You should be provided with:

  • Safe equipment;
  • A safe place of work – so that accidents such as tripping and slipping in the workplace, etc. are avoided;
  • Adequate training;
  • Adequate supervision;
  • Appropriate safety equipment – such as protective gloves and goggles etc.;
  • Lifting and manual handling training;
  • Working at height training – such as on a ladder or scaffolding.

If those Laws and Regulations are broken and you sustain an injury, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Why claim compensation?

Successfully claiming compensation can help to ease the burden that an accident or injury at work has unfortunately caused you. You may need the money to compensate for time off work, travel or medical expenses, medical treatment, and any care requirements that you might have.

These claims are dealt with on a no win no fee basis and therefore there is simply no risk. You will not have to pay your solicitor any money if you lose your case, provided that you act reasonably with them.

Excellent Solicitors.

Oliver & Co took on my case against my employer after I was hurt in work. I spent 9 weeks off sick with a trapped C5 nerve. Kathryn kept in touch throughout the claim and I’d say she did an excellent job of pushing this claim to the limit. Would highly recommend Oliver & Co to anyone in the same situation against their employer.

Raymond Wood

How much compensation will I get for my accident at work?

This depends on the nature and severity of your injuries. Here are some examples of amounts won for previous clients:

Read our case studies to find out more.

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How much is your claim worth?

What should I do if I suffer an accident at work?

Please read our guide here.

  • Make sure that you record the circumstances of the accident and injury in the accident book.
  • If appropriate, report the accident or injury to the Health and Safety Executive;
  • Speak to one of our specialist personal injury lawyers as soon as possible for free advice. Call us on 01244 312306. 
  • Our legal services are provided on a full ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis.

At Oliver & Co Solicitors we have a dedicated and experienced team of lawyers who specialise in workplace accident claims for compensation all day every day.

How much could my claim be worth?

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How much is your claim worth?

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