Pharmaceutical Errors

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Chemist Error? Pharmacy Mistake?

An error by your Pharmacist can have potentially devastating consequences, such as serious injury or even death.

A pharmaceutical error occurs when you are given the wrong medicine or the incorrect dosage by your Pharmacist compared to what was prescribed by your doctor.

It may also be the case that you are sold the wrong medicine for your illness without the need for a prescription. For example, your Pharmacist may sell you eardrops for an eye problem. Eardrops are almost always unsuitable for use in the eye and this can lead to an injury.

You may not realise the mistake by your Pharmacist and take the wrong type or the wrong dosage of medicine. If you do suffer injury or illness as a result of taking the wrong drug or the wrong dosage, then you may have a claim for clinical negligence and our specialist team of Solicitors will be able to assist you with a claim.

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Pharmaceutical Negligence Case Studies

  • Our client was dispensed the incorrect HRT medication by her local pharmacy which caused her to suffer avoidable menopausal symptoms including hot flushes, tingling in her arms and hands and anxiety.  Our client recovered the sum of £3,000 by way of compensation
  • Our client purchased Eye Drops from a local pharmacy but was incorrectly given ear drops instead. When our client used the drops in her right eye that same day, she experienced a tremendous sharp pain. Our Client’s right eye remained red and painful for over 2 weeks.  The defendant argued that the dosage of ear drops did not cause any injury to our client’s eye.  Our client was successful and received £1,750 compensation.
  • Our client was in prison at the time when he suffered negligent treatment. He had a history of mental health problems including anxiety and depression. He had been taking medication to help with his symptoms. Unfortunately, the health care team at the prison massively reduced h is prescription of medication without warning. As a result of this, our client suffered severe psychological symptoms which led to him self-harming, something he had never done before. He suffered extreme distress during the period of delay. The Defendant admitted that they had breached their duty of care, but denied that this breach had caused a different outcome for our client. We completely disagreed with this and maintained that our client’s claim had good prospects of success and so continued our investigations despite the Defendant’s opposing stance. We obtained expert evidence from a Consultant Psychiatrist who supported our client’s claim and agreed with us that the Defendant’s negligent treatment caused a different outcome for out client. After commencing Court proceedings on our client’s behalf, the Defendant agreed to enter into settlement negotiations and we were delighted to agree a figure in the sum of £8,000 in full and final settlement of our client’s compensation claim.

Do you have a potential medical negligence claim?

Please contact us for advice if you feel you have suffered any form of negligent medical/dental treatment. We have a specialist team of solicitors who are always happy to help.

If you would like advice on whether you have a potential clinical negligence claim or assistance with drafting a letter of complaint, please contact us on the number below. Please note that there are legal time limits in place for starting a claim for compensation, and our specialist clinical negligence solicitors will be able to advise you specifically on the facts of your own case.

For free advice from our Medical Negligence solicitors, please call us direct on 01244 354688

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