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Shareholder Agreements

We can provide the expert legal support you need to create a Shareholders’ Agreement, providing stability to your business.

Whether you are a new or existing company, we can help you to create a comprehensive and legally-binding Shareholder’s Agreement. This will help protect and solidify the interests of your company’s shareholders.

Every Shareholders’ Agreement is unique. We have significant experience, and can tailor an agreement to meet the specific needs of you and your company.

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A vital framework for a Limited Company

It is not a legal requirement for a company or its shareholders to have a Shareholders’ Agreement. However, it is something that we recommend all of our commercial clients with a limited company to consider.

A Shareholders’ Agreement provides stability and guidance, and is an agreed framework which can be used when conflicts arise that would otherwise not be regulated.

What is a Shareholders' Agreement?

Shareholders in a company need to have control of their investment. A Shareholders’ Agreement sets out rules about how decisions are made in the company. For example, which decisions have to be made unanimously and which decisions can be made by a majority vote.

The Shareholders’ Agreement is not a public document registered at Companies House in the same way as the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&A). It is a private document between the company’s shareholders. A Shareholders’ Agreement should address a number of areas, including:


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