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Long Term Care

Not everyone has to go into care but for some, it’s unavoidable. 

Unfortunately, if you have more than £23,250 in capital and savings, then it is likely that you will have to pay for all of your social care.

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What is long term care?

There are different types of care provided for people. This may include residential care or care provided at home.

Care provided at home can include home help services, meals on wheels, and informal care provided by friends and family.

Care home costs

Paying for care

A lot of people are concerned about paying for the cost of care as they want to pass on as much as possible to their families when they die. Your income will be used first to meet the cost of your care which could be in the form of pensions or investment income. Then your capital will be used to pay for the care. This could include the value of your home.


If you plan for the future, you can put steps in place that can preserve your assets for the next generation. Our expert team can provide on the methods available to protect your assets and the most appropriate method to suit you.

For further information about preserving your assets, call us at Oliver & Co on 01244 312306.

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