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Business Leases & Renewals

A business lease works in much the same way as a residential lease. 

It refers to the letting of a building or part of a building or open land for business purposes.

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Business Lease Solicitors

These leases are commonly referred to as business tenancies, and are usually put in place for a number of years.

The laws governing business leases are much the same as those surrounding standard tenancies but with one key difference: unless this statutory protection has been excluded at the outset, the tenant has the right to apply to the court for the grant of a new lease once it has expired.

This “security of tenure”, as it is known, means the lease will not automatically end and will carry on under substantially the same terms as it had previously.

Certain conditions apply for this protection to come into effect, such as whether the lease was granted for a fixed term of more than 6 months and the tenant has been in occupation of the premises for a minimum of 12 months.

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