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Had an accident or injury whilst in hospital?

You expect hospitals and nursing care homes to be safe environments. If you have had an accident whilst a patient you may be able to claim compensation.

Sadly, if you have acquired an injury whilst in hospital you may suffer from prolonged pain and suffering. It is even possible that the injury you sustained whilst in the hospital is more serious than the illness you were originally admitted with.

Visitors to hospitals can also have accidents. 

What accidents may occur?

As a patient in a hospital or nursing home you may have suffered from:

  • A fall or slip.
  • Blows to the head or body.
  • Being dropped when being moved around by the hospital staff.

Hospital and nursing home staff have a duty of care to protect their patients from harm. If you have suffered any injuries as a result of an accident within hospital then you may have a clinical negligence claim.

Our specialist team of Solicitors will be able to assist you with a claim. To contact us please call us on 01244 354688 or fill in our contact form.

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Case studies:

We help lots of clients every year just like you claim the compensation they deserve. Below are four case studies. These demonstrate how we have helped clients claim compensation for accidents whilst being treated in the past. Please be aware that the compensation amounts depend on the client’s individual situation and experiences. To see how much your claim could be worth please contact us directly.

Case Study 1: £40,000 in Compensation
  • One of our clients brought a claim on behalf of the estate of his mother. Sadly, his mother fell out of her hospital bed and sustained a fracture to her hip and severe facial bruising. She sadly passed away just 4 months later.
  • The defendant hospital admitted liability and our client recovered the sum of £40,000 in compensation.
Case Study 2: £17,500 in Compensation
  • Our client brought a claim on behalf of the estate of her grandmother, who had been admitted to the Assessment Unit to decide whether or not she was suffering from dementia as she was confused and had a tendency to wander.
  • The grandmother was left unattended for over 3 hours and tragically wandered unobserved outside of the building. She subsequently fell down some steps and severely fractured her right ankle and left knee. She sadly passed away just 2 months later.
  • The defendant admitted liability in full and our client has recovered the sum of £17,500 by way of compensation.
Case Study 3: £2,200 in Compensation
  • Our client sustained a head injury when the ambulance used to transfer them to a second hospital had to make an emergency braking manoeuvre. She was very poorly at the time and was unconscious throughout the journey. After injuring her head during the incident our client received compensation for the pain and suffering caused.
  • She received £2,200 compensation.
Case Study 4: £2,500 in Compensation
  • Our 29-year-old client fell off the operating table whilst in surgery. When she fell, she suffered a bump on the back of her head which formed a lump.
  • Our client suffered from constant headaches and had severe pain in the right-hand side of her chest for approximately 4 weeks following the fall. She was unable to sleep because of the headaches and pain, so she visited her GP who prescribed strong painkillers and sleeping tablets.
  • Fortunately, our Client did not suffer any long-term symptoms and has made a full recovery from her injuries.
  • The hospital did not make any admissions of liability. However, our client recovered the sum of £2,500 in compensation.

Can we help you?

Our team is headed by a dual-qualified doctor and solicitor, so we benefit from in-house medical knowledge. Our team of specialised medical negligence solicitors would be happy to help. We can quickly and efficiently assess any areas of potential negligence for a wide range of claims.

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