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Had an accident in a public place?

If you’ve had an accident in a public place contact us to get the compensation you deserve.

If your accident in a public place was the fault of the landowner/local authority, you may be able to get compensation. This is because the law protects you from being injured in a public place. Importantly, it requires that a local authority, private landowner or occupier has proper regard for the safety of people who use their premises/land.

We helped a client claim £11,500 after they tripped on a public footpath. How much could you claim?

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What should I do if I have an accident in a public place?
  1. Firstly, record where the accident happened.
  2. Secondly, be sure to take pictures as evidence. Take pictures of the cause of the accident from different angles. If you tripped on a loose paving stone, you may want to take the photo with a ruler next to the paving stone. This would show how dislodged the stone was.
  3. Next, you should record details of your accident in an Accident Book. If you are injured in a public place you should notify the owner and record the circumstances/details of the injuries you have suffered in their Accident Book.
  4. Finally, take the names and addresses of witnesses if possible. If your claim in contested, a witness statement may be invaluable.

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Our team of specialist solicitors have a great deal of experience in handling claims involving accidents in public places. As a firm, we’ve been helping people for over fifty years. If you would like further advice on making a claim for compensation please contact us on 01244 312306.

Trip in a car park

I had an accident in an unlit services car park. My solicitor was great and got me the money I deserved.

Julie Sim

How much could my claim be worth?

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How much is your claim worth?

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