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Accidents in Public Places

Have you been injured in a public place?

If your accident happened in a public place and the land or building is owned by someone, or a company or the local authority and they have public liability insurance, you may be able to make a claim.

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Claiming for an accident in a public place

Owners of shops, restaurants, supermarkets, other buildings or land are required to ensure you are safe when visiting.

If they fail to ensure you will be safe, you will have good grounds to make a claim.

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What to do if you have an accident in a public place

Tips for photographing the cause of your accident

Take photographs from different angles, take a few close up and then stand back to show the area in a wider context.

If you tripped due to a pothole, stand a spirit level or piece of wood over the top of the hole and stand a ruler in the hole. Take a photograph showing the measurements on the ruler.

If you were injured due to a rocking paving slab, take a video showing it rocking and how it caused you to fall.

If you were injured due to a sign falling and hitting you in a shop or in the street, take a photograph of the sign.

If you were injured sitting on a chair in a restaurant that has collapsed, take a photograph of the chair. Gather as much evidence as you can.

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How much could my
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