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Negligent Beauty Treatment Claims

Have you been injured due to negligent cosmetic treatment?

Many of us visit salons for an array of treatments and put our trust in the specialists to undertake the treatments without risk of injury. But what if it all goes wrong?

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Claiming for injury as result of negligent beauty treatment

In the vast majority of cases, treatments are performed correctly and we leave happy with the result, however there are occasions when the treatment can go wrong.

If you have experienced negligent cosmetic treatment, our solicitors can tell you if you have a claim. Call us on 01244 312306 to discuss what has happened.

Allergic reactions

Care should always be taken by salons before applying hair dye or products to the skin.

Hairdressers should always insist on a patch test prior to any treatment to rule out the possibility you are allergic to the product.

Beauty therapists should always undertake a thorough health check to identify any allergies or illnesses that may be affected by the products they intend to use on your skin. If they do not do this and you do experience an allergic reaction, you may be able to claim compensation for your injury.

Claims can also arise where hair extensions have been applied and there is an allergic reaction.


Burns caused by hot wax or lasers are a common injury sustained during the process of unwanted hair removal. Hairdressers and beauty therapists have a duty to perform treatment to standards as would be expected by their peers and other professionals in their field.

If they fail to do this and as a result you are injured, you may have a claim for compensation.

How much could my

claim be worth?

How much could my
claim be worth?

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