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Detached Retina Claims

Retinal detachment occurs when one or more holes form in the retina. The hole allows fluid to pass underneath the retina, separating it from supporting tissues underneath it and causing it to become loose. If not treated quickly enough a detached retina can cause permanent vision loss, secondary glaucoma, or distorted vision.

A claim for medical negligence may arise if there is delay in diagnosis of retinal detachment or if there is a failure to provide prompt treatment of a detached retina. Any delay in treatment can increase the risk of loss of vision.

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Signs of a Detached Retina

Signs of a detached retina can include the sudden appearance or a sudden growth in number of floaters (dots and lines), sudden blurred vision or flashes of light or a dark curtain or shadow that moves across a person’s vision. The risk of permanent vision loss increases the longer symptoms go untreated.

Retinal detachment can be diagnosed by way of retinal examination, whereby a detailed view of the retina and back of the eye will be examined, if a retinal hole, tear, or detachment is shown, surgery will be needed urgently following diagnosis of the detached retina to prevent permanent vision loss.

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