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Resolve your financial matters

At any point during a relationship there can be financial matters which need resolving. We can offer the best legal advice.

We have over 30 years experience in helping couples reach amicable solutions to complex financial matters. Our Solicitors provide comprehensive legal advice in the following areas:

Married couples – Secure your future:

We can help married couples with the following:

Divorce/Civil Partnership Dissolution

Please click the links above to see the specific pages on divorce and civil partnership dissolution. In terms of finances, we can help you in the following ways:

  • Financial agreements

If your relationship is ending, you should come to an agreement about finances. We can help you to negotiate with your ex-partner, or their solicitor, and draw up an amicable agreement without having to attend any court hearings. Any agreement reached should be drawn up into a Financial Order, which can be sent to court and made legally binding by a judge.

  • Court representation

If you and your partner are unable to come to an amicable agreement, we can represent you at court.

Pre-nuptial agreements

If you are about to get married, we can help you to create a pre-nuptial agreement with your partner. This is a formal agreement which sets out how you and your partner’s assets will be split in the case of divorce. Whilst not legally binding in the UK, they are evidence of your intentions if you do separate.

Post-nuptial agreements

We can help you to create a post-nuptial agreement following marriage. You may create one because you have inherited or gained a valuable asset which you want to protect. Alternatively, you might be concerned about who pays for what on an everyday basis.  A post-nuptial agreement sets out how assets would be split if you later divorced. It is not legally binding, but is evidence of your intentions.

Cohabiting couples – Get financial advice

We can help cohabiting couples with the following:

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