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Qualifying as a Solicitor – The Apprenticeship Route

Posted on November 15th 2023

  Many people believe that the route to qualification as a Solicitor is a set path that everyone must follow. On the contrary, in modern day, there has been an influx in different methods that individuals can take to become a fully qualified Solicitor, or...

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Dealing with stress: Ways to manage the mind

Posted on October 30th 2023

As our natural defence against feeling threatened or under pressure, stress is something which we all experience but often don’t know how to deal with due to its overwhelming nature. 74% of people felt so stressed they were unable to cope according to a study...

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Oliver & Co’s Staff Learn about Dementia during World Alzheimer’s Month

Posted on September 20th 2023

Helping clients and the wider community This training, whilst informative, also aligns with our values as a firm, ensuring we are helping our clients first and foremost and also the wider community through raising awareness and supporting events. Our staff commented that it was interesting...

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Mental Health – How Oliver & Co Solicitors are Raising Awareness in the Workplace and Supporting their Staff

Posted on May 17th 2023

Mental health problems have been a growing issue worldwide over the last few years, with the Coronavirus pandemic, and cost of living crisis contributing largely to the rise in rates. The statistics back this up. According to the World Health Organization, 1 in every 8...

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Starting the Conversation – Speaking Out About Mental Health

Posted on May 16th 2023

Blog by Lucy Metcalfe, Secretary As someone who has personally suffered with anxiety and depression, being in a workplace where mental health is taken seriously and is recognised as being just as important as physical health, makes a huge difference. On a number of occasions,...

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Managing Anxiety in the Workplace

Posted on May 15th 2023

At Oliver & Co Solicitors, we recognise and support mental health awareness week, which is due to take place from 15 May – 21 May 2023. This year’s focus is anxiety. Anxiety is something that will affect all of us during the course of our...

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Oliver & Co Solicitors Train Mental Health First Aiders

Posted on October 10th 2022

Around 10 million adults will experience a mental health issue each year. That’s an alarming statistic and sadly one of many, which is why the team at Oliver & Co take mental ill health seriously. Oliver & Co have 4, soon to be 5, Mental...

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