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Oliver & Co Solicitors Train Mental Health First Aiders

Posted on October 10th 2022

Around 10 million adults will experience a mental health issue each year. That’s an alarming statistic and sadly one of many, which is why the team at Oliver & Co take mental ill health seriously. Oliver & Co have 4, soon to be 5, Mental Health England First Aiders in the team.

Spotting signs

These team members are trained to spot the signs of people experiencing poor mental health. With an open and non-judgmental culture, the team at Oliver & Co aim to help people feel confident in starting a conversation and will provide guidance to signpost a person towards getting the right support and help.

Guidance posters

Liz Chapman, Practice Manager at Oliver & Co says: “We have taken several steps to help everyone have a better awareness of good mental health, recognise the importance of exercise and learn other coping strategies. Resources from MHFA England have been very useful, including guidance posters which we have put up around the office, with quick and easy take-away advice. Our mental health first aiders have mental health matters lanyards so can easily be identified by our team, we have had speakers in the office to talk about mental health issues and provide financial advice and we are excited that we have more planned in the coming months.”

World Mental Health Day

“Our team are also keen to provide others with knowledge, guidance and ongoing learning on the subject and so we are keen to support World Mental Health Day this 10th of October!”

[Credit:  image MHFA England]

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