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Starting the Conversation – Speaking Out About Mental Health

Posted on May 16th 2023

Blog by Lucy Metcalfe, Secretary

During Mental Health Awareness Week we highlight the importance of having good mental health, but at Oliver & Co this is not limited to just one week a year.

As someone who has personally suffered with anxiety and depression, being in a workplace where mental health is taken seriously and is recognised as being just as important as physical health, makes a huge difference.

On a number of occasions, I have received support from my colleagues as well as my superiors at times when my mental health has suffered. On days when I am struggling, I have confidence that I can share my feelings and not be dismissed, sneered at or ignored. This may seem like the least a company should do but, sadly, many people feel unable to express how they are feeling in their workplace. Oliver & Co have gone above and beyond to ensure that staff know they are valued as a whole person.

Sharing my experiences

It is this support that encouraged me to share my own experiences of mental health in a seminar entitled “Starting the Conversation”. Alongside Becky, one of our mental health first aiders, we discussed what does anxiety and depression look like, what are the triggers and what help is available.

I hope that by speaking out about some of the most difficult times in my life, my colleagues will know that they are not alone if they feel the same. Not everyone will suffer with poor mental health, but everyone will know someone that does. The more it is talked about, the more we can help.

Being supported enables me to support others

I could not have shared my story without trusting that my peers would be respectful and understanding. I could not have shared my story without the care and understanding of my superiors and colleagues. Oliver & Co have supported me and that has enabled me to support others.

Our seminar may have started the conversation but it will not stop there. We are going to keep the conversation going. Mental Health Awareness Week may be one week a year but the positive environment at Oliver & Co is consistent all year round.

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