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“Working together as a team and inspiring and encouraging each other has become a way of life.”

Blog by Linda Jenyon, Legal Cashier at Oliver & Co

We have been an employee owned company since October 2022 – 18 months. It was a new venture and road to travel for the company but one which without doubt put all their employees first and at the heart of the firm. It enabled everyone to contribute to the running and future of the firm.

Eighteen months on and we have all seen the benefits of belonging to this type of firm . You have a sense of belonging and purpose, knowing that what you do really matters and that everyone’s contribution is valued and that we all make a difference. Working together as a team and inspiring and encouraging each other has become a way of life. I feel that the core values of the firm – honesty, loyalty, supportiveness, respect, fairness and commercial – are at the heart of what we all do to help the company succeed, but also those values are so important for our clients too, as they receive a high standard of professionalism and care throughout their time with us.

We have all benefitted tremendously, not only with the financial rewards but also by being given the opportunity to understand and contribute to how the company operates in each department. For me having a “voice” means a lot. The staff are listened to when they come up with innovative ideas to be considered. Many ideas have been taken onboard such as being able to “buy” extra annual leave. We have also recently had the opportunity to “shadow” all the different departments within the company (a member of staff’s idea) which has really helped give us an overview of the work each department does for every client. Conversely, members of each department have sat with us in accounts, which helps them to understand the essentials of the accounting process. It’s a win-win!

I really enjoy working at Oliver & Co and get up every day with a spring in my step looking forward to coming to work and being part of such a caring, professional and forward thinking company.

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