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Celebrating Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day in the United Kingdom, observed annually on the last Saturday in June, is a day dedicated to celebrating and honouring the contributions and sacrifices of the men and women who serve in the British Armed Forces. Launched in 2009, this special day recognises the commitment and bravery of active duty personnel, reservists, veterans, and their families. The celebration features a wide array of events across the country, including parades, military displays, community activities, and fly-pasts, allowing the public to show their support and appreciation. Armed Forces Day not only pays tribute to those currently serving but also acknowledges the historical significance and ongoing importance of the military in safeguarding the nation’s security and values.

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This Armed Forces Day, we would like to tell you about the services we offer that may be of interest to those in the Armed Forces.

Discounted Sales and Purchases for the Armed Forces

Oliver & Co Solicitors proudly participates in the Blue Light Card scheme. This is a discount service in the UK, designed for emergency services, NHS, social care sector, and armed forces personnel, offering them various discounts and deals as a token of appreciation for their invaluable service. This initiative ensures that those who dedicate their lives to protecting and caring for others can benefit from reduced legal costs when buying or selling property. By being a part of the Blue Light Card scheme, Oliver & Co Solicitors not only supports these essential workers but also demonstrates their commitment to giving back to the community and acknowledging the vital roles these professionals play in society. We offer a 10% discount on house sales and purchases for anyone with a Blue Light card.

Military Hearing Loss Claims

Our Industrial Disease department have experience claiming compensation for people who have suffered hearing loss due to excessive noise. Claiming compensation for military hearing loss involves seeking redress for hearing damage sustained during service due to exposure to loud noises such as gunfire, explosions, and machinery. Service members who experience hearing loss as a result of their duties can file a claim through the Ministry of Defence. Successful claims can result in financial compensation, recognising the impact of hearing loss on a veteran’s quality of life and ensuring they receive the support and acknowledgment they deserve for their service-related injuries.

Other Services

In addition to these services, we offer a comprehensive range of legal support tailored to meet your needs. Whether you need assistance with Will writing, establishing Powers of Attorney, navigating family law, or seeking help with personal injury claims, our experienced team is here for you. We also specialise in business law, providing expert guidance to help your business thrive. At Oliver & Co Solicitors, we’re dedicated to delivering personalised, professional service across a broad spectrum of legal areas, ensuring you have the support you need for both personal and business matters.

If you would like any assistance, call us today on 01244 312306 and speak to our dedicated client team who can take your details and put you in touch with the right solicitor for you.

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