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Work experience – a very positive and helpful experience

Posted on July 24th 2023

My name is Charlie Hughes and I attend Christleton high school year 10. I recently had the opportunity to complete my work experience at Oliver and co solicitors and I found it was a very positive and helpful experience in helping me get a better understanding of what the future holds for me personally. From the moment I stepped in the office I was greeted with warmth and professionalism from the whole team.

Real law related tasks

During my time here I was exposed to real law related tasks unlike many other work experience opportunities I would have had. I also had the chance to work closely with skilled solicitors that showed me how to do many complicated and challenging tasks. The firm’s dedication to their respective roles really showed through as it felt less like a job and more like a team of friendly but still hard-working individuals.

Unique experience

On the whole, my time at Oliver and co was invaluable as it expanded my general understanding of not only law but how to work well with colleagues in a professional manner and to adapt to a working environment I have never been in before. The main reason this was such a unique experience was because I got to experience first hand the positive effect the solicitors here work tirelessly to have on people’s lives.

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