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How to Stay Safe when Driving in the Dark

Posted on August 5th 2019

Driving in the dark can be a daunting experience for anybody and even the most experienced drivers can struggle due to limited visibility and slippery conditions. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) says there is a “spike in the number of road...

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One to One Midwives Claims

Posted on August 2nd 2019

Who are One to One Midwives? One to One Midwives is a midwife service which offered NHS care to mothers-to-be, specialising predominantly in home births. The service launched in 2011, covering a wide range of areas across the North West of England. The purpose of...

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West Cheshire Foodbank

Posted on July 30th 2019

Here at Oliver & Co, we pride ourselves in supporting local community and giving back to those in need. Our amazing team continuously strives to raise money and volunteer at local events in support of local business, charities and the communities in which we operate....

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100 Years of Women in the Law

Posted on July 24th 2019

Last year, for the first time, the number of female practising certificate holders (50.1%), was greater than the number of males. Women practising law is on the up and this year marks 100 years since they were first allowed entry into the legal profession. Limited...

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No Fault Divorce

Posted on July 18th 2019

The Divorce Dissolution and Separation Bill was before the Houses of Commons on the 13.6.10.  This is a landmark Bill which will create “no fault divorce in England and Wales”.  The Divorce Dissolution and Separation Bill will reform the 50 year old Divorce Laws, namely...

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Property Fraud – Are You at Risk?

Posted on June 25th 2019

The recent publicity surrounding the court case of Laylah De Cruz and her mother Diane Moorcroft highlights the importance of taking steps to protect your property from fraud. On 16 January 2017, the mother and daughter were found guilty of conspiracy to commit fraud. They...

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Volunteering for West Cheshire Foodbank

Posted on June 21st 2019

This week staff members from Oliver and Co Solicitors volunteered at Tesco, Sealand Road, Chester and Tesco, Frodsham Street, Chester for the West Cheshire Foodbank. They were encouraging shoppers to pick up an extra item during their shopping trip, to donate to the foodbank, by...

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National Clean Air Day

Posted on June 19th 2019

National Clean Air Day takes place on 20th June 2019.  The day aims to raise awareness about air pollution and how we can make the air we all breathe cleaner and healthier. The day is arranged by Global Action Plan, a charity working for a...

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Cycling Safety – Keeping your Child Safe on a Bike

Posted on June 7th 2019

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) statistics show that 10% of all cyclist casualties are children, with a recorded 8 child cyclist deaths in 2016. These cycling safety statistics only include cyclists killed or injured in road accidents that were reported to...

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An Interview with Liz Fry – Clinical Negligence Solicitor

Posted on May 30th 2019

Being ill or injured is stressful enough but when a medical professional lets you down, it can be difficult to know who to turn to for help. Liz Fry is a Solicitor who specialises in helping people who have been injured at the hands of...

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