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Organ Donation Week: Don’t leave the details in your Will

Posted on September 3rd 2018

Organ Donation Week runs between September 3rd and 9th. This year, the NHS is encouraging people to share their decision to donate their organs with their families. To do this, they are using the slogan ‘Words save lives.’ Should you leave details about organ donation...

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Could a proposed ‘death by dangerous cycling’ law save lives?

Posted on August 28th 2018

The proposal of a new law comes following the death of Kim Briggs, who was killed in February 2016 when she was hit by a bicycle courier. Charlie Alliston was travelling at 18mph on a bike with no front brakes when he hit and killed...

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Is the ‘What’s Your Current Salary?’ Question Contributing to the Gender Pay Gap?

Posted on August 23rd 2018

Dr Carole Easton, chief executive of the charity, which supports women ages 16-30 who are on low wages; said ‘Women often start work on a lower salary than men, move to a new job and are paid based on their previous wage’ and that stopping...

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Eighth cyclist dies in a London road accident in 2018

Posted on August 22nd 2018

Dr Peter Fisher worked for the Queen for around 15 years, and was also the director of research at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine (RLHIM). He is the fifth fatality from a collision involving a cyclist and a lorry. Sadly, whilst bystanders attempted...

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Could you be fined for going 1mph over the speed limit?

Posted on August 20th 2018

This is according to the Mail on Sunday. According to the newspaper, motorists could potentially be fined £100 for driving just 1mph over the speed limit. What is the buffer zone? The buffer zone protects drivers from being punished and is calculated by increasing the...

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Two thirds of children are at risk in UK cars

Posted on August 9th 2018

This is according to the What Car? Study conducted by Child Seat Safety. The organisation conducted 30 seat checking events in the UK in 2016 and 2017. During the events, they pulled over cars fitted with child seats and inspected them, with and without children...

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Driverless Cars: The future of road traffic accidents

Posted on August 7th 2018

An autonomous, or driverless, car is a car which is capable of navigating without human input. Generally, these vehicles are viewed as having great potential to improve transportation in the future. For example, they could reduce costs, increase safety and reduce car crashes. However, recent...

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“I’m not married to my partner, am I legally protected if we break up?”

Posted on August 3rd 2018

If you are in a cohabiting relationship, or leaving one, this article is a vital read. Below we detail the lack of legal rights for cohabiting couples. We also provide advice on how you can best protect yourself if you are in an unmarried relationship....

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August is National Road Victim Month

Posted on August 2nd 2018

This month our thoughts are with the friends and families of people killed or seriously injured in road traffic accidents. Sadly, too many people are still killed on the roads each year. In the year ending September 2017, there were 1,720 road deaths, and a...

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Could ‘Right To Manage’ become more accessible for leaseholders?

Posted on July 24th 2018

The project aims to establish law reform recommendations which will improve how Right to Manage works. Law Commissioner Stephen Lewis said: “The law isn’t working as it should be and leaseholders are missing out on their right to manage. We’ll be looking to get to...

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