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“I know I will be at Olivers for a very long time”

Posted on October 17th 2023

Blog by Brittany Evans, Trainee Solicitor

Brittany Evans joined Oliver & Co Solicitors in 2022. She shares what it means to her to work for an employee-owned business.

I started working at Oliver & Co in May 2022 as a Conveyancing Assistant and I have now begun my Training Contract, meaning I will qualify as a Solicitor here in October 2025. Since becoming employee owned a year ago, the changes made firm wide have now truly come into play. Oliver & Co have a real passion for their employee’s welfare and involvement in the day-to-day running of the firm.

We attend monthly departmental meetings where we get an insight into how the firm is doing financially and this allows us to really understand the costs involved with running a business.

Not only do we get to see how the firm is doing financially, but we have a voice. Any ideas or suggestions about anything to do with the business or social aspects of the firm are voiced to our Employee Representatives and discussed with the Management Board. Many changes have already come into effect, such as our new lunch time hobby clubs which have really boosted morale around the firm.

We have already reaped the benefits of being employee owned by receiving two big profit shares. You can visibly see how much this motivates everyone here to increase our profits and cut down our expenditure. I think all employees have made more effort to push the marketing within the firm and try to bring in more business. We are not just a good team here at Olivers, we are more like a family.

I know I will be at Olivers for a very long time.

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