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Why choose mediation?

Posted on May 6th 2021

Mediation plays an important role within the justice system, and most notably in family disputes, whether this is regarding issues with money, property, or children. You can always try mediation before you turn to a solicitor, as it is often a quicker, cheaper, and less...

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Nuptial Agreements: Not just for the “mega rich”

Posted on April 15th 2021

For the majority of people, when they see the word “prenup”, they believe they relate only to the rich and famous who wish to protect their assets on divorce. However, in recent years, it has become more common for individuals to make enquiries of a...

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How do divorcing couples with extraordinary wealth settle their finances on divorce?

Posted on March 25th 2021

It is no surprise that once again, Kim Kardashian-West has hit the headlines. However sadly, this time it is because she is filing for divorce from her husband, rapper Kanye West. Whilst many “Keeping up with the Kardashians” fans may not be surprised that their...

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Maintaining contact with your children during lockdown

Posted on February 5th 2021

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, arrangements for separated co-parents were either structured through a mutual informal agreement or, by way of a Child Arrangements Order. However, the pandemic has created a “grey” area as to how child arrangements between co-parents should be navigated during the...

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Divorce in the Covid-19 Crisis

Posted on December 10th 2020

It is not surprising that the coronavirus pandemic has created a significant strain on relationships. It is thought that divorce enquiries have increased significantly since March and are continuing to rise. Citizens Advice have confirmed the views on their divorce guidance webpage were up 25%...

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In Court – Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

Posted on October 14th 2020

Last week Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie headed to Court amid on-going disputes regarding arrangements for their children. Brad Pitt would like to have equal contact with the children and, after negotiations have failed, he has made an application to Court. Court in England and...

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No More ‘Blame Game’

Posted on June 29th 2020

Currently, to start divorce proceedings, one spouse is required to make an application for divorce based on one of the following: Their spouse’s unreasonable behaviour; Their spouse’s adultery; Desertion; Two years separation and consent (couple must have lived apart for two years and both parties...

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Family Law FAQs

Posted on April 17th 2020

In spite of current circumstances, our Family Team at Oliver & Co are still busy progressing their clients’ cases. We have set a list of frequently asked questions below, regarding Family Law matters, that may be crossing your mind at the moment: I am in...

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Pensions on Divorce

Posted on October 18th 2019

It is common for people going through a divorce to have questions about their pension, for example, how their pension might be dealt with and whether they might have to give some pension away to their spouse.  This article covers some key questions about pensions...

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Adoption – A Happy Ending for Everyone?

Posted on August 15th 2019

A recent article published about adoption on the BBC website by Katherine Sellgren, a Family and Education Reporter, highlights that perhaps whilst one might think that once a child has been adopted it is happily ever after for all those concerned, this may not be...

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