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Divorce in the Covid-19 Crisis

Posted on December 10th 2020

It is not surprising that the coronavirus pandemic has created a significant strain on relationships. It is thought that divorce enquiries have increased significantly since March and are continuing to rise.

Citizens Advice have confirmed the views on their divorce guidance webpage were up 25% in the first weekend in September, compared with the same date in 2019.

Does lockdown cause divorce?

Due to the lockdown restrictions that have been imposed by the government in March, and most recently in November, couples are now spending the majority of their time with their spouse. With homeworking also now the “new normal” for office workers, some couples are rarely spending time apart.

For some couples, this has been a welcomed chance to spend quality time with their spouse. Sadly, for others, it has intensified any existing marital problems within their relationship.

Financial woes have also led to couples seeking divorce advice, with an increase in unemployment and job security concerns associated with the furlough scheme.

Getting divorced during lockdown

As lockdown was announced, the Oliver & Co family law team transitioned to remote working and have continued to see new and existing cases progress. With some of our team in the office and some working remotely, we have adapted to the new situation without causing any impact on the service we offer to our clients.

Whilst it may be the case that some people are waiting for the pandemic to be over before seeking legal advice regarding their divorce, please note that Oliver & Co are here for you whenever you want to seek advice.

How can we help?

At Oliver & Co, our team of family solicitors have over 30 years of experience in dealing with family matters, ranging from divorce and financial proceedings to matters involving children of the family. They have the knowledge required to argue your case whilst also providing a much-needed understanding and sympathetic ear.

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