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We are 100% employee owned.

In October 2022 Oliver & Co became 100% employee owned. This means that each one of our eighty-plus eligible employees is now a part owner of the business and has an equal share in its profits. Oliver & Co is a business we are all proud to be a part of; a business we help shape and grow and one where we can all celebrate success.


Employee owned businesses are more productive, more resilient and are rooted in their local areas and communities, securing good jobs for the longer term in their regions. One of the reasons Oliver & Co became employee owned is because we believe it is a better way of doing business. Our employees are central to delivering better business because they have a meaningful say in the way the business is run – #TheEOeffect.


Culture of innovation and excellence

As we near our diamond jubilee we can reflect on the many changes that have made us who we are today. We have evolved from a traditional law practice to become the first employee owned law firm in Chester and North Wales and largest employee owned law firm in the North-West of England, with a culture of innovation and excellence at our core.

Better client service

For us, employee ownership means an unprecedented level of employee engagement. David Owen, Director says: “Employee ownership gives all employee owners a direct – and equal – stake and say, which is incredibly empowering. It is a business model that encourages collaboration, sharing ideas and developing creative solutions together.” And of course, this is great for our clients too. It is no cliche to say that happy and engaged employees deliver better client service.

Helping clients on their own employee ownership journey

Having made the transition to employee ownership and being members of the Employee Ownership Association, we are in a strong position to advise others who are considering this move. Whether you are considering employee ownership as part of an expansion strategy, at start-up stage or for retirement planning and succession, we can advise you on the technical legal aspects of the change and help you put a plan in place, as well as consult on the cultural shifts you can expect. To find out a little more about employee ownership and how we can help your business explore the possibility of becoming employee owned, please click here.