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Three Essential Searches When Buying a Property

Posted on May 13th 2021

Buying a property, whether it be commercial or residential, is an exciting time. As part of the process, your solicitor will conduct property searches on your behalf. These searches are essential in finding out information about the property that cannot be discovered during your viewing. Searches are carried out before exchange of contracts so that you are aware of any issues before your contract becomes legally binding.

We always recommend the following three searches are carried out:


This report contains information that will establish whether the land on or near to the property is contaminated by looking at current and historic uses of the land. It will also provide information on flooding and the stability of the ground to determine whether subsidence is likely.

Drainage and Water Search

This search confirms whether a property is connected to the mains water supply and drains. It will also provide information on whether there is a public sewer within the boundaries of the property and if the surface water drains to such sewer.

Local Search

This search provides information that is contained in the Local Land Charges Register and other records. The results show information about compulsory purchase orders, tree preservation orders, planning permissions, building regulation consents, proposals for road and railway schemes, rights of way and environmental notices. It will also confirm whether the roads and footpaths abutting the property are maintainable at public expense.

How can we help?

There are additional searches that will reveal further information about the property. Our specialist commercial and residential property solicitors will be able to advise you on which searches are suitable for your property based on its location.

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