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Academy Conversion Solicitors in Chester

Converting your school into an Academy is a big step – Let us guide you.  

Becoming an Academy means that your school will no longer be controlled by your Local Education Authority. Instead, you’ll receive your funding directly from Central Government. As well as the changes to the way you run and manage your school, there are lots of legal changes to consider before and after the academy conversion.

Why choose us?

We have the expertise to help the process go as smoothly as possible. Our team of specialist lawyers have successfully guided many schools like yours through their conversions, with minimal disruption to the children, teaching staff and parents.

What legal steps will I need to take?

  • Initially, you will need a solicitor to help you create the new legal entity, as Academies have to be registered and run as companies. You should then consider the legal and constitutional frameworks associated with the new entity.
  • You will need to meet the legal requirements, regulations, and authorities surrounding Academies.
  • Funding agreements for the Academy must be put in place.
  • You will need to deal with transferring existing assets and liabilities, such as land and employees to the new entity.
  • You will need to consider which contracts you need to have in place for the future.

If you’re thinking about joining the Academy revolution, talk to Oliver & Co today. Your first consultation’s free, and we’ll make sure you’ve considered everything you need to before you make the switch.

You can also request our free guide on converting to an Academy here too. This informative document will tell you all about the process and we’d recommend you read it before you come to see us.

After You’ve Converted

Once your school’s successfully become an Academy, you’ll need to stay on top of the new legal responsibilities that come with it. Plus, you’ll come face-to-face with many aspects of running an entity that you’ve never had to deal with before.

Oliver & Co is here to support you in managing these complicated processes, and ensure you continue to benefit from the many advantages of being an Academy.

Areas where we can help after you’ve converted include:

  • Employment and commercial law
  • Company support and governance
  • Admissions and appeal procedures
  • Exclusions
  • Drawing up contracts with suppliers
  • Training programmes

So, if you’re considering converting your school to an Academy, call Oliver & Co in Chester on 01244 312306 to get professional, helpful, friendly advice.

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Tim Polding

Associate Director & Solicitor