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Remembering those that have died or been seriously injured on the road

Posted on August 25th 2023

August was designated National Road Victim month following the death of Princess Diana on 31 August 1997, and also commemorating Bridget Driscoll who was the first person to die as a result of a collision.

National Road Victim Month

Supported by charity Roadpeace, National Road Victim Month aims to highlight the injustice faced by crash victims and their families, and remember those people who have sadly lost their lives as a result of collisions.

Oliver & Co have been affiliated with Roadpeace, and a number of other charities, for a number of years. This much-loved charity makes significant efforts to draw attention to the risks posed by vehicles being driven at excessive and inappropriate speeds, or under the influence of intoxicants.

Did you know that 5 people are killed and over 60 people are seriously injured in collisions on Britain’s roads every day?

Did you  know that Merseyside is the fourth worst area for speed limit compliance in Britain?

Speeding is a major contributory factor in road collisions, and RoadPeace has supported countless crash victims and bereaved families, whose lives have been torn apart by speeding drivers.

Experts in representing clients

At Oliver and Co Solicitors we are established experts at representing clients and their families who have been involved in road traffic collisions, particularly those who have been seriously injured. As specialist injury lawyers, we represent the most seriously injured victims of road collisions from the start to the finish of their claims.

Facilitating early rehabilitation makes a difference

Being involved in a collision can have serious consequences for the victim themselves and of course their family too. The resulting injuries and sometimes tragic loss of a loved one presents many challenges and often unbearable struggles. Thankfully in our experience, with help, guidance, assistance and early rehabilitation, our clients and their families can often adjust well to a potentially new lifestyle. Having dealt with victims of road collisions for decades, we are constantly amazed by our clients’ resilience in the face of adversity, and we learn as much from our clients and their families in this regard as they learn from us.

Supporting during the early days following a collision

As solicitors who represent seriously injured clients, it is our responsibility to guide those affected by collisions through the process of a claim as calmly and empathetically as possible. We aim to provide practical assistance to help improve the situation often during an extremely upsetting point in their lives, particularly in the early days following a collision.

Easing financial disruption

One of the main worries for families whose loved ones have suffered serious injury is the financial disruption that this causes. Our clients are often initially unable to work because of a collision, and it is our responsibility to secure an early interim payment wherever possible and when liability is admitted by the responsible driver, to ensure some financial stability in the early days.

Expertise of a dual qualified doctor/solicitor

We are also one of the few law firms in the country who employ a dual-qualified doctor/solicitor who can often assist with complex medical issues and suggest ways of improving our clients’ progress as they recover.

No win, no fee

If you or any member of your family have been the victim of a road collision and require assistance, we are always happy to advise with a sympathetic ear. We always represent clients on a no win, no fee basis and try to make the process as easy as possible, visiting clients at home when required and where it is appropriate. Please call us on 01244 312306 and ask to speak to our road traffic collisions department if you need any advice.

Call and speak to a member of our team on 01244 312306