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#MensHealthWeek – Scaphoid Fractures

Posted on June 12th 2023

As part of International Men’s Health Week this week, we are publishing a series of articles on men’s health topics and providing advice if negligent medical treatment is received.

Scaphoid fractures:

A scaphoid is a small bone in your wrist. The scaphoid is commonly broken as a sports injury, for example playing football or boxing, or landing on your wrist or hand when falling.

Due to the bone being small, a fracture can often be missed by doctors if they do not check this bone very carefully. If a scaphoid fracture is not identified promptly, recovery may be prolonged which can cause unnecessary prolonged pain and could cause further complications; you may require additional treatment including surgery which may not have otherwise been required or left with permanent damage including reduced grip, arthritis and avascular necrosis. All of this may have been avoided had the fracture been diagnosed and treated correctly from the outset.

Mr W’s story

We have helped many clients with claims for missed or delayed diagnoses of scaphoid fractures. We helped a client, Mr W, claim £28,000 after a delayed diagnosis and treatment of a scaphoid fracture. Mr W suffered an injury to his right wrist whilst playing football. He attended a walk-in clinic, who conducted an x-ray and diagnosed a sprained wrist. Our client suffered continuing pain in his right wrist over the period of two years. He attended the walk-in clinic during this time period due to the pain, but no x-ray was performed.

Two years later, our client had a further x-ray on his right wrist which diagnosed the fractured scaphoid. Our client had to undergo an operation for screw fixation and vascularised bone graft to his scaphoid. This delay in treatment caused our client additional pain and suffering.

If you have suffered any fractures which were missed or not diagnosed correctly from the outset, then you may have a claim for clinical negligence and our specialist team of solicitors may be able to assist you with your claim.

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