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#MensHealthWeek – Prostate Cancer

Posted on June 12th 2023

As part of International Men’s Health Week this week, we are publishing a series of articles on men’s health topics and providing advice if negligent medical treatment is received.

Prostate cancer:

Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men, with over 40,000 new cases in the United Kingdom diagnosed every year.

A diagnosis may be delayed for a number of reasons, including interpreting test results incorrectly or not accurately enough, or failing to refer a patient to a specialist. This may lead to a delay in receiving vital treatment, resulting in suffering pain for longer, having to undergo unnecessary treatment or a reduction in your quality of life. In the worst cases, it can be fatal.

Helping our client and his family

We have helped many clients who have suffered a delayed diagnosis of prostate cancer. We are currently acting for a client who suffered lower abdominal pain that was so severe he attended A&E. He was found to have blood in his urine and was treated for a sperm granuloma.

His symptoms settled but a few years later, the pain returned and our client found it difficult to urinate and felt a burning sensation when passing urine. He was referred to hospital by his GP, but this referral was not made under the 2 week wait cancer referral system. Our client underwent various tests at hospital, but they did not act upon the abnormal results.

Two years later, our client was in agony and could barely walk. He was admitted to hospital and told that he had prostate cancer, which had spread to his bones, his lymph nodes and his pelvis. The cancer was terminal and continued to spread. Very sadly, our client sadly passed away a year later.

If the diagnosis of your illness by a medical professional is delayed or incorrect, then you may have a claim for clinical negligence and our specialist team of solicitors may be able to assist you with your claim.


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