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Lockdown Settlements

Posted on July 16th 2020

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Here at Oliver & Co, in line with government advice, our teams have been keeping safe over the last few months by working remotely from home where possible.

We pride ourselves on great customer service and have been thrilled that clients continue to be highly satisfied with our services despite our staff having to adapt to a new way of working.

It really is business as usual here at Oliver & Co and we are continuing to achieve fantastic results for our clients. Read on to find out about some major cases our Clinical Negligence, Industrial Disease and Personal Injury departments have settled during the last couple of months…

Clinical Negligence Claim: £475,000.00 in compensation

Our Clinical Negligence team recently settled a claim for a client who had developed a spinal infection, discitis, following surgery to her back. Unfortunately, our client experienced a delay in diagnosing and treating the discitis.

As a result, our client suffered a prolonged period of severe pain and disability during the delay. As well as this, our client sadly suffered from neuropathic pain and bladder, bowel and sexual dysfunction. This has also caused our client to develop anxiety and depression due to her physical symptoms and the difficult changes on her day to day life.

We brought a claim against the treating hospital on behalf of our client. Although the hospital admitted liability, they disputed that the delay had caused our client’s injuries. We disagreed and so continued on with the claim.

We instructed an array of medical experts, including a Consultant Urologist, Consultant Pain Expert, Care Expert and Consultant Psychiatrist to provide evidence and suggest what treatment our client needed.

We entered in to negotiations with the Defendant and were delighted to agree a figure of £475,000.00 in compensation for our client. 

This compensation will enable our client to receive the treatment that she needs, including a personalised bespoke pain management programme, as well as care and assistance, aids and adaptations and psychological treatment.

Road Traffic Accident Claim: £218,000.00 in compensation

Our Road Traffic Accident team just settled a claim for a 56-year-old man who was a front seat passenger in a car driven by his friend which was involved in a head on collision with another car.

The collision was the fault of the driver of the car that our client was a passenger in.  Our client was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident and sustained a head injury as well as an injury to his hip and pelvis requiring surgery.

After an initial lengthy period in hospital of 16 weeks, he has made a good recovery from both injuries and has been able to return to his pre-accident lifestyle and activities. He was not working at the time of the accident and had not worked for many years and therefore did not have a loss of earnings claim.

We were able to secure a settlement for him in the sum of £220,580.00 to compensate him for his injuries and treatment, as well as other financial losses.

Industrial Disease Claim: £50,000.00 in compensation

Our Industrial Disease team have recently succeeded in a pleural thickening claim for a client who was diagnosed with the asbestos-related condition back in 2017.

In a claim such as this, you have a three-year time limit in which to bring a claim, and our client approached us close to expiry of this time limit. Despite this challenge, the team worked swiftly to seek information and gather evidence in support of our client’s claim.

Our client had worked in a factory where asbestos dust and asbestos-lagged pipes were present. At the time, during the mid-1980s, he was never told that the asbestos lagging or dust was dangerous, and was never given any protective equipment when handling the asbestos.

We instructed a respiratory expert, who confirmed that the condition our client was suffering from, was as a result of asbestos exposure.

We were able to achieve just over £50,000.00 in support of our client’s claim. We were also able to settle the claim on a provisional damages basis; meaning that in the unfortunate event that our client’s condition were to deteriorate, this leaves the door open for him to claim for further compensation should he need it for care and treatment further down the line.

Client Reviews

Our clients were delighted with the compensation we achieved. Here’s what some of our other clients have said about our services during the last few months of lockdown on our Trustpilot page:-

Oliver & Co were fast and efficient throughout my sale. They behaved professionally during the Covid-19 pandemic and enabled me to complete on my sale on the original completion date.

Great service from Oliver and Co. in writing my will. It was completed and formalised in lockdown too.

They constantly kept us updated and even during the uncertainty of the COVID 19 pandemic, continued to get the deal ready for completing once we could.

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