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I have just completed on my purchase – what next?

Posted on June 30th 2021

Congratulations! You have just bought a house!


It may feel like a triumphant end to a long process, but there may be a few more things for you to consider.


Here are a few ideas of what you need to do next to make the transition as smooth as possible and make a house a home!


  1. Get to know your new house: locate the circuit box, the gas shut of valve and the water stop tap. If you are unsure, this information is in the Property Information form.
  2. Security: change the locks, garage door remotes and codes because you don’t know who or how many people may have copies!
  3. Safety: check the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. If in doubt, replace them and make a note to check they are in working order each month.
  4. Swap utilities: take a picture of the gas and electricity meters on the day of completion for your record and proceed to switch you gas and electricity suppliers. Set up a new water bill. You may also need to install broadband and a phone line.
  5. Update your address: you may need to notify you employer, doctor, dentist, local authority, bank, insurance provider, and friends and family (although this one is optional!). You can also contact the Post Office and request that a forwarding service is applied to any post being sent to your old address.
  6. Celebrate and make a house a home!

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