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Failure to get correct equipment for surgery case study

Posted on February 28th 2020

doctors in surgery

Our client needed to have old screws removed from his knee a few years after these were inserted following a sporting injury which required surgery. The old screws were causing symptoms as they were rubbing and it had always been anticipated that they might need to be removed at some point after the sporting injury had healed.

The same orthopaedic surgeon who had inserted the old screws organised the new operation to remove the screws. However, in the time between insertion of the old screws and the operation to remove them, the NHS changed medical equipment providers and as a result a warning was sent around to the NHS Hospitals that for removal of old screws, the old screwdrivers needed to be specifically requested for operations, as the new provider used different screwdrivers which would not fit on the old screws.

The orthopaedic surgeon, although aware, failed to request the old screwdrivers for the second operation, and only realised his mistake after our client had been put under anaesthetic and after his knee had already been cut open. Our client’s knee was stitched up again and he was discharged home. He required a third operation, at which point the old screws were successfully removed and he made a good recovery. His claim was successful and we helped him win £10,237 in compensation.


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