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Moving Home- Our Top Tips

Posted on January 30th 2020


Moving home can be one of the most stressful things you will do in your life. That’s why here at Oliver & Co, we endeavour to make the Conveyancing process as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

As a starting point, we have prepared a list of top tips to consider when moving home.


  1. Inspect the property several times– In a survey conducted by HSBC Bank it was revealed that UK house buyers spend around the same amount of time deciding on whether to buy a pair of shoes as they did deciding on whether to purchase a property. It is important to make several subsequent viewings of a property after the initial one. Appearances can be deceiving and later viewings may reveal flaws and impracticalities that were disguised by the initial ‘wow factor’. It is also vital to spend some time in the local area to get a feel for the amenities, e.g. parks, shops, etc.


  1. Consider the Costs– There will be a number of costs to moving home, besides the purchase price. It is important to remember to budget for Stamp Duty, mortgage arrangement fees, legal fees, valuation/survey fees, removal costs, insurance, and repairs to name a few. In respect of buildings insurance, obtaining quotes will not only allow you to budget properly, it may also reveal issues such as flooding risks, which will be an important consideration in deciding whether or not to proceed with the purchase.


  1. Remember there are many parties involved in a sale and/or purchase– In addition to the buyer and seller, there may be a number of parties involved in the transaction including, a mortgage broker, a mortgage lender, buyer’s solicitor, seller’s solicitor, an estate agent, search providers and surveyors. All of these have a bearing on the length of time a sale or purchase transaction can take to proceed to completion. If you have a particular date in mind for completion it is essential that this is discussed as soon as possible to check this is achievable as there are many steps involved in bringing a sale or purchase to a conclusion.  It is important that everyone is kept in the loop.


  1. Don’t expect to complete overnight– Due to the number of parties involved in transactions, legal complexities and growing regulation the average timescales in the UK for transactions are increasing. In some complex cases many months may pass from the initial offer to completion. Whilst we estimate a timescale of 8-12 weeks there are many factors which need to be considered when looking at timescale.


  1. Think practically– You must consider all of the practical aspects of living in the property you are purchasing. Be sure to ask the questions which only the seller is likely to know the answer to. For example, where the stopcock and meters are or where flooring and tiles were purchased (in case you need to replace damaged items).


  1. Pack the smart way– Start with the items you aren’t likely to use prior to completion e.g. out of season clothes, garden tools, etc. If you intend to pack things you are going to use before completion, be sure to keep these boxes or bags in an accessible place. Remember to clearly label boxes and try to keep boxes of items for particular rooms together. Moving home is a stressful enough event as it is without panic packing at the last minute. There is usually more to pack than you expect so it may be wise to make an inventory of items in advance.


  1. Remember that the cheapest is rarely the best– This tip applies to all aspects of moving, whether it’s the property, the solicitor or the removals. This is likely to be the biggest investment you will make so the extra few pounds spent getting it right will be well worth it.


Instructing a solicitor that is an expert is a must. At Oliver & Co Solicitors we are proud to have a highly experienced Conveyancing team who are dedicated to making your move as hassle-free as possible.


If you are currently looking to purchase a property and would like expert advice, call our friendly team today on 01244 312306 and we will be happy to advise and assist you in your new venture.


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