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Charity challenge – 4 weeks complete

Posted on February 10th 2021

On Monday 11th January we started our year long challenge for Claire House Children’s Hospice. 50 of our staff signed up to walk, jog or run at least one mile a day for the next 365 days in order to raise money for our charity of the year.

Whatever the weather

The first four weeks of our challenge have brought every kind of weather you can think of, bright, clear days, wet and windy days and cold snowy days but we have been out in all weathers to complete our miles for Claire House.

Families and four-legged friends 

It’s not just our staff who are doing their bit, children, dogs, goats and even horses have been joining in with our miles. This week there was even an elephant sighting!

Benefit of a mile a day

Our challenge is not only raising funds for Claire House, there are benefits to our staff getting daily exercise, particularly during lockdown when it is so easy to stay at home all day. Many participants have said that their daily walk has boosted their mood and they feel refreshed after their walk.

The challenge has also brought us closer socially as we are all on a chat group, sharing photos from our walks and motivating each other each day. Before lockdown we were all in the office and although we wouldn’t always have time for a chat, we would see each other around the office or in the kitchen and say hello and many people have missed this interaction so the challenge has certainly helped bring some of this back, albeit virtually.

48 weeks to go

We have 48 more weeks of the challenge to go and are certainly looking forward to the lighter nights and hopefully warmer weather which will make our miles even more enjoyable.

Donate if you can

If you would like to donate to our challenge for Claire House, please visit our JustGiving page.

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