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Beating the January Blues

Posted on January 9th 2020

January. The start of a New Year, and the hit of normality after the festive period. When the fun and excitement of Christmas is over and it is time to return to your office, it can be extremely common to suffer with the January Blues.

What are January Blues?

“January Blues is a form of depression that many people feel after the holidays” – Rosemary Sword.

With the excessive partying, eating and drinking put behind us, and the reality of the cold, winter weather, in addition to the pressure to keep to your New Year’s resolutions, it is certainly no surprise that many battle the feeling of being miserable and low at this time of year.

Despite January being known as the dire month, there are several tips you can do to help ease the feeling of being depressed and unmotivated in your workplace.

Good mood foods;

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed can definitely feel like an occurrence throughout January. It seems like this is a valid excuse to skip straight to the sugary snacks to keep us going throughout the day. However what you eat plays a vital part in how you feel. While chocolate can definitely lift your mood for a short while, embracing wholesome and nutritious foods in your diet can do wonders for your mindset as well as your stomach! Foods like nuts, bananas, leafy greens and probiotic yoghurts will not only help you to feel fuller for longer, but will make you feel great on the inside, resulting in you feeling even greater on the outside! Also remember to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Regular breaks;

Your workload can be more of a daunting task to get through due to having a break over Christmas. Although it is important to stay focused, regular breaks can help to create a much calmer mind set. Whether it’s making a cup of tea (perhaps green if you’re on a new health kick), or going to another employee’s desk instead of sending an email, ensuring you have time away from your desk to gather your thoughts for a few minutes can help you to be even more proactive.

Plan ahead;

Making a list of all the tasks you need to get through for the day can really help to keep you focused and on track for reaching any targets you may have. Working to a list can help you to set priorities, in addition to being a great project tracker and who doesn’t love ticking off a task once completed!

 Make your January green;

Adding a plant to your office or workspace is known to have several benefits, including reducing stress, creating cleaner air and boosting creativity. They can also make the office look more attractive, appealing to any potential job applicants you may want to hire in the New Year.

Clean desk, clean mind;

Having a cluttered desk can reduce the amount of productivity and increases the risk of various security breaches due to confidential documents not being locked away.

Many organisations have adopted a clean desk policy. It is important that this procedure is followed not only to comply with regulations, but to help improve the quality of work. If you make a habit of cleaning your desk before you leave the office, it helps to set you up for the next day and your future self will be very grateful in the morning after beating all the chaos of rush hour.

Promote open discussions;

January is notoriously known for being the most stressful month of the year. If you feel like one of your colleagues is under pressure, offer advice on stress management. Suggest going for coffee on your lunch break with a colleague who seems to be more quiet than usual, or offer to help with the workload, providing you have the time and are in the same field or department of work.

Plan an event for the end of the month;

Create an event or outing for members of staff that they can look forward to and use as motivation to excel through the January blues. Whether it’s a trip to the local theatre, or closing the office early on the last Friday of the month, why not pick the brains of the social committee and organise something that everyone can be a part of.

Despite January having the reputation of being a disheartening month, it is named after the Roman god of doors, due to being the door to the year. It represents all beginnings, and is a chance for new opportunities to take place.


If you feel like you may be suffering with something more serious than January Blues, here is a list of organisations who can help:





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