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Where should you store your Will?

Posted on December 20th 2017

It is vital that your Will can be found in the future. If your Will cannot be found then you may die ‘intestate.’ This means that your property and possessions are distributed via intestacy laws – as if you had no Will at all.

This can be traumatic for family members, particularly those who know you made a Will but cannot find it. In the worst cases, relationships between family members may break down as they dispute what you would have wanted.

How to keep your Will safe and easy to find:

There are many options for storing your Will:

Keep it yourself:

You could keep your Will in your home. You may take this option because you would like to keep your Will close to you. However, in your home your Will could be lost, damaged, or accidentally thrown away. Furthermore, your family may not be able to find it once you have passed away.

Lodge it with the Probate Service:

The Probate Service charges a flat rate of £20 to keep your Will for you. However, you have to pay the fee every time you make any changes to your Will and only you can withdraw the Will whilst you are alive. A solicitor cannot withdraw the Will on your behalf.

Let Oliver & Co store your Will for free:

We will be more than happy to store your Will for free, regardless of whether you made your Will with one of our solicitors or not. We keep all of our Wills in a secure safe in our office.

Why choose us to make your Will?

  • Our solicitors offer free initial advice.
  • Fixed fees, disclosed to you before we start.
  • We store your will securely, free of charge.
  • We offer free home and hospital visits in the area.
  • We’re local to the Chester area.
  • We have many years of experience, and as solicitors, we’re the best-qualified to write your will.

We are also part of Cancer Research UK’s Free Will Scheme – find out more about this here.

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