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Two thirds of children are at risk in UK cars

Posted on August 9th 2018

59% of children are sitting in car seats that have been incorrectly fitted or are inappropriate for them.

This is according to the What Car? Study conducted by Child Seat Safety. The organisation conducted 30 seat checking events in the UK in 2016 and 2017. During the events, they pulled over cars fitted with child seats and inspected them, with and without children in them.

Worrying results:

Overall, the organisation checked 3000 child car seats, with worrying results. Their checks revealed that:

  • 33% of the car seats that had children in them weren’t suitable for that child.
  • 36% of the car seats were incorrectly fitted.
  • 3% of children who legally should have been in a car seat were completely unrestrained.

The type of car seat makes a difference:

The study found that 90% of the children in seats with large impact shields were restrained correctly. However, only 61% of children in seats with harnesses were correctly restrained. Furthermore, seats with Isofix mountings were correctly fitted more often than belted seats.

How can you make your children safer in the car?

Having a car seat fitted correctly can make a huge difference to the outcome if you are involved in a car accident. If a car seat is fitted incorrectly, or your child is not secure, they could be thrown out of the car seat in a crash and be seriously injured.

We would always advise that you seek expert advice when you are fitting a car seat. Many stores have trained child seat fitting staff. For example: John Lewis, Halfords, Mothercare and more. You should also consider:

  • Making sure the car seat is the right size for your child.
  • Making sure the seat is facing the right way, none of the harnesses are twisted or too loose, and the head restraint is correct.
  • Checking that any seatbelts are not twisted and are secured tightly enough around the child seat. If you are using an Isofix seat, you should be checking that it is clipped in correctly.
  • Checking your seat regularly for wear and tear – this can compromise how safe the seat is over time.

Remember, children in the UK are legally required to remain in a car seat until they are either 12 years old or 4ft 5in tall.

August is National Road Victim Month:

August is National Road Victim Month – a time to remember those killed in a road traffic accident in the UK.

This month our thoughts are with the friends and families of people killed or seriously injured in road traffic accidents. Sadly, too many people are still killed on the roads each year. In the year ending September 2017, there were 1,720 road deaths. Learn more by clicking here.

How can we help?

If you or your children have been involved in a car crash, we’re here to help. We help clients every day claim compensation after they have been injured in accidents. If a child is injured in a car crash they have until 3 years from their 18th birthday to make a compensation claim. Read about our services here or call us today on 01244 312306.

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