Martyn Elliott

Martyn Elliott

Medical Negligence Solicitor

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I have over 15 years’ experience handling a wide range of clinical negligence and serious injury cases, many of a complex and life-changing nature.  I have only ever represented claimants in recovering compensation and have acted in many different types of case. I particularly specialise in delayed and missed diagnosis cases, spinal, orthopaedic and nerve injuries (including cauda equina and cord compression), colorectal and cancer claims, surgical negligence and fatalities.

I was very pleased to join the specialist team at Oliver & Co in 2018, having previously worked for many years at another established firm based in Chester and North Wales, where I was a team leader in the Clinical Negligence department.

With a few very notable and infamous exceptions, it is very rare in my experience for medical professionals to ever intend to cause harm to their patients. However, it seems to me that the current state of the healthcare system and the various pressures it faces has resulted in a growing number of vulnerable people being let down in their time of need and sadly suffering avoidable injury. It is only right that such people are financially compensated for their injury, and that any resulting losses are reimbursed. This is not profiting from injury but an attempt (so far as imperfections within the legal system will allow) to provide a victim of negligence with the necessary funds to  overcome the physical, psychological and financial disadvantages they may now face as a result of a situation not of their own making.

This is where I believe I can help people.  I sincerely hope the damages I recover for my clients helps them to come to terms in some way with their situation and to improve it as best they can.  As well as damages for injury and past loss, in appropriate cases compensation can be recovered to pay for any care or treatment required in the future because of the effects of negligence.

A harmed individual can also sometimes be left without an explanation of what went wrong in the care they received, and why.  Quite often their written complaints are met with an inadequate response and a feeling of being “fobbed off” or abandoned.  Establishing a clinical negligence claim involves following a process that includes scrutiny of medical records and obtaining reports from independent clinical experts in the relevant field. In many cases this results in a damages payment, which can sometimes (but not always) be accompanied by a formal apology. Inevitably some of the clinical negligence cases we investigate can’t be proven, but in such cases I hope that my clients still get some comfort from knowing that their concerns have been properly looked into.

At the very least, I hope the process of bringing a clinical negligence claim gives my clients a little more insight into what may well be the worst and most undeserving thing ever to happen to them. I will do all I can to ensure that they also go on to receive damages in recognition and recompense of their injuries and losses.

It gives me considerable satisfaction that the people I help to receive compensation and answers, are people who both need and deserve them.