Fatal Accident Claims

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Fatal Accident Claims

If you have lost a loved one in a road traffic collision, pursuing a claim for compensation is unlikely to be something you have had a chance to think about.

This is where we can help. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with claims where people have lost loved ones as a result of a road traffic collision that was not their fault. We understand how upsetting and devastating this can be and are here to relieve some stress and worry surrounding dealing with inquests, future financial concerns and primarily: seeking justice for a grieving family.

What financial support am I entitled to?

 If you are a spouse, civil partner or parent of a child (under the age of 18) of somebody who has sadly passed away as a result of a road traffic collision, you may be entitled what is known as the ‘Statutory Bereavement Award’. The amount of this award is currently £15,210.00.

This financial support is separate to a compensation claim and can be recovered as well as seeking damages by way of a legal claim.

There are also benefits available if you have lost a spouse. Click here to read our guide about whether or not you would be eligible for such benefits.

CASE STUDY: £105,000.00 in compensation

Our client was a passenger in a car with her husband. They had experienced some mechanical difficulties, and so had come to a stop. They were then attended on by a recovery vehicle.

Suddenly, the defendant driver drove straight into the recovery vehicle, which in turn collided with our client and her husband.

The defendant’s dangerous driving sadly led to the death of our client’s husband at the scene. Our client sustained significant injuries to her head, neck, thigh and knee, as well as multiple soft tissue injuries, a bleed to the brain and psychological injuries following the incident.

Our client required medical care, care and assistance, the installation of aids to help her mobilise around the home. On top of her own injuries, she in turn had to deal with the loss of her husband.

We were able to help our client in recovering £105,000.00 in compensation, to provide her with financial stability after losing her husband on whom she was financially dependent. During such a difficult time, we are here to carry the burden of financial worries you may have following the loss of a loved one.

What compensation can I receive by pursuing a legal claim?

 The most common losses and expenses which are claimed for in a fatal accident claim include but are not limited to:-

  • Pain and suffering experienced before death;
  • Loss of earnings;
  • Funeral expenses;
  • Care and assistance that would have been provided by the deceased loved one;
  • Pension rights or other benefits;
  • Childcare costs.

The main aim of the legal claim is to reduce any financial worries you may have after losing a loved one who you were financially dependent on.


You may have been asked to attend an inquest after the unexpected death of a loved one. Please click here [Link to = new inquests page] to find out more about what an inquest usually involves and how we may be able to represent your interests at an inquest.

CASE STUDY: £8,000.00 in compensation & £27,500.00 in dependency claim

We were approached by parents who had sadly lost their daughter in a road traffic collision. Their 21 year old daughter was driving down a main road, when a car collided with her in a head on collision.

At first, her injuries appeared minimal for what she had experienced. She came out of hospital with a broken arm, a bruised chest and a puncture wound to her leg.

After being discharged from hospital, she began to experience severe back pain, and went to her GP who suspected it was due to whiplash.

Sadly, it transpired that the pain was due to a blood clot which had developed as a result of the initial accident. Our client tragically died from a pulmonary embolism.

 As she was a not a child and had no spouse or children herself, bereavement damages were not available for the grieving parents. The claim for damages was achieved at £8,000.00 for her pain and suffering from the time of the accident until her sad death.

Before she passed away, the daughter would care for her parents and would have continued to do so. We therefore brought a dependency claim, as well as claims for funeral expenses and legal fees. In the end, these aspects of the claim amounted to £27,500.00.

The law does not sufficiently compensate parents for losing a child, and no amount of money could ever do so. Our role is to guide you in the right direction and provide you with support when you need it most. Our lawyers are highly experienced with dealing with sensitive cases and are here to support you through this difficult time.

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