Slip/Trip case study – £4250 in compensation

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Slip/Trip case study – £4250 in compensation:

Our client, Mrs N, slipped on some wooden decking whilst picking children up from school.

The decking outside the school was badly maintained and covered in moss. This made it slippery underfoot. Unfortunately, the academy school did not display any warning signs to advise people of the potential hazard. As a result, our client slipped and injured her left ankle. Unfortunately, she suffered a painful soft tissue injury to her ankle.

The claim:

Mrs N approached us to begin a claim for compensation. As part of the claim, we obtained a report from an independent medical expert. This confirmed the extent of Mrs N’s injuries, and gave her a prognosis. As part of our service, we were able to arrange for Mrs N to have private physiotherapy, which greatly helped her symptoms to improve.

The school was insured and, as a result, we were very pleased to obtain £4250 in compensation for our client.

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